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What Certified Means to You

“I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone is certified these days, some with as little as two or three online hours.  I saw a website that featured a “certified dating coach” just the other day.  I’m sensitive about the word Certified because, for me, it involved such a huge investment in education, training, and real-world experience.  Becoming an I.C.A.D.C. is what many people in our field aspire to simply because it is so difficult to achieve.  Defensive or not, if I’m going to present myself to you as a person you can trust to help you with some very personal issues, you have a right to expect that I’m an expert in my field.  After all, you deserve no less.  Let me tell you a little about what was required in 2002 when I first attained the certification of I.C.A.D.C. from the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation of which I’m so very proud.

Work Experience: 6000 hours of direct, supervised addiction counselling

Education: 270 documented hours of education in the knowledge and skills area.  I obtained 12 courses at McMaster University.  Holders of the I.C.A.D.C. must recertify every two years.  40 documented hours of approved education are required each time.  I have recertified four times.

Supervised Clinical Training: 300 hours of supervised clinical training with a minimum of 10 hours in each of the Twelve Core Functions.  (Subject areas such as pharmacology or case-management)

Procedures for certification: Having met the above, the applicant will
•    Submit a portfolio outlining work experience, education and supervised clinical training as well as a written case presentation
•    Complete a written four hour exam
•    Complete an oral exam

If you would like any additional information you can contact The Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.

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