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istockphoto_6273634-key-to-success_compI hold the key to success!
I found the key!
I used the key!
I know the key WORKS!

I’ve been tossed and battered by the same storm you’re battling!  I've had that awful experience of hope fading away when you realize your life and relationships are in shreds and you're bogged down in negativity.  Feelings of helplessness overcome motivation - too many failed attempts, too many losses, too much pain. Why bother, I’ll only fail again.

Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-Step approach simply did not fit my worldview or my values.  I respect AA and those it helps…but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

There is always one more kick at the can and finally, I found the answers that worked in my life. Success is built on understanding the “why” of your problems and having an expert guide to help you move forward successfully.  Success depends on acquiring the skills, strategies, and work ethic needed to achieve your goals.

There is no free lunch.  Determining what must change and setting the goal is the first step.  Courage and persistence are key.  Saying no to yourself, tolerating mild discomfort, managing moods and motivation and having an open mind will keep you in the zone.  Mistakes will happen but you'll learn from them and move ahead with confidence.  A guiding hand of compassion, understanding and knowledge will be there to support you.

Changing any behaviour is a process.  We move through denial to dawning awareness, to conflicted emotions and ambivalence, to experimentation with small changes, to working actively to achieve a goal, to finally, maintaining our new behaviour and avoiding temptation to return to our former way of life.

Before you can move from where you are to where you want to be, you must understand the problem.  I suggest you begin with the self-assessment. The following articles as well as the section of F.A.Q. will also expand your understanding.  Please help yourself.

STOP the tiresome search for solutions! 
START building your confidence and acquiring the skills, strategies and techniques you need to end excessive habits and substance abuse.

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