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Hints & Tips

Spaces in File Names
Do not use spaces in your file names. If it makes it easier to read, you can use either an underscore or hyphen in place of a space. If you do use a space, your space will be replaced with %20 and will appear like this in the browser:

More Tips


Domain Renewals
Please carefully read ALL renewal notices for domain registrations or other services, whether mailed or emailed. If you receive any notice and are unsure if they came from us, please contact us for confirmation.


The following links are the same as the icons above, with a brief explanation of their use:

Admin Control Panel (Usermin):
The usermin control panel allows the company administrator to: set up email accounts for users, check disk space and bandwidth, phpMyAdmin, filemanager, protect directories, and various other utilities.

Users can receive and send email from this web utility in a browser instead of downloading to an email program like Outlook. We recommend this only be used in conjunction with a stand alone program installed on your computer as using webmail alone will mean you could easily exceed your disk allowance if your mail is never cleared from the server. Downloading your mail to your computer with a program such as Outlook and using webmail to check from remote computers at other times is the best way to manage your email.

Email user password reset:
Individual mail users can set up auto-replies for email accounts and change passwords. Another way to access: Replace "" in the following link with your own domain name.

Email user auto-responder:
Individual mail users can set up auto-replies for email accounts. Another way to access: Replace "" in the following link with your own domain name.

There is a basic stats gathering tool included on your website which is in your public website folder. Another way to access: "" in the following link with your own domain name.

Sitebuilder Tool:
Some clients use the Sitebuilder tool to author and publish a website. If you are not signed up for sitebuilder and are interested in finding out more about it, click here. Note: Sitebuilder is available on request only.

Custom Error Pages:
By default, we install custom error pages in the www folder. Please click here for more information on these.

Knowledge Base:
A collection of Help Files from The Net Now. It is our How To Guide for things like setting up email accounts etc.

Helpful Links:
When we find sites that have great information, or valuable tools, we list them here. Let us know if you think there are some we should add.

Server Status:
The status of our servers and various services is posted at

Domain Manager:
To make any changes to your domain record such as mailing address etc. If you have misplaced your domain login, please let us know.

Pay an invoice:
Login to our secure, encrypted payment page to submit a payment for an invoice you have received.

Contact The Net Now:
Our email contact form, phone numbers and mailing address.

Help Desk:
You may email or phone us, but the most efficient way for us to manage any technical support inquiries is to use our help desk. Login is required. All our staff will see your query and the first available person will respond. In addition, your ticket is tracked to your profile so we can easily find it if you have another similar issue in the future.